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A Looming Threat of Coronavirus: Suicide Prevention Helplines Are Getting More Calls

This article was published by The battle against the deadly Covid-19 pandemic is long, arduous and exasperating as there seems to be no easy end to it. At least, not anytime soon.  But the battle is not the same for everyone. While social distancing and nationwide lockdowns may come across as viable measures to […]

5 Ways To Support Your Employees’ Mental Health During A Pandemic

This article was written by Alan Kohll for Leadership Strategy at We’re all feeling the impact of COVID-19. The global pandemic has impacted not only the physical health of many individuals but their mental health as well. If you’re anxious, depressed, or struggling to sleep through the night, you’re not alone.  Across the country, we […]

How To Protect Your Mental Health During The Coronavirus Pandemic, According To Psychologists

The following article was written by Noma Nazish for ForbesLife As news about the coronavirus outbreak continues to dominate the headlines and millions of people—in the U.S. and the world over—are being asked to self-quarantine, it has become increasingly significant to pay as much attention to our mental health as we do to our physical […]

9 Ways You Can Improve Your Mental Health Today

The following article was written by Patricia Harteneck, Ph.D., MBA for The Seleni Institute and was posted on Mental health is much more than a diagnosis. It’s your overall psychological well-being—the way you feel about yourself and others as well as your ability to manage your feelings and deal with everyday difficulties. And while […]